Friday, May 13, 2011

OBM Girl

I am a co-owner of a great business, One Blue Moon Charms. My mom, Linda Chay, and I own the business together. We both have the same creative and hard-working mind. I love this business because of the time and fun I get to have with her.
My mom started this business about 4 years ago and I quickly jumped on. We started as a very small business, but 2009 we decided to do a product pitch with Country Living Magizine.
We were so excited when we heard our charms would be featured in the 2009 November issue.

Since we were in Country Living Magizine we have been on "super speed". My mom and I have been joking for the last 2 years that, "we will have a break soon..." , but it never seems to come... thankfully.

We are currently in around 200 Boutiques nationwide and have added 3 employees. We are so grateful to our customers and could not have been so successful without them.

I could not be anymore lucky to be apart of this very successful business and still have time to be an "at-home" mommy. I am excited to see where else this journey will take me.

{thank you Jill for the photos}

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